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This page is still in development. Our intention is that it will grow as more comrades get involved and add their ideas to the campaign.

Remember, everyone participating in the campaign has the right to author leaflets, pamphlets, posters etc. These can be uploaded, shared and critiqued on the campaign’s Google Group.

We recommend that any documents uploaded by comrades are converted to PDF format, as this is the easiest to read online. You can do this for free here.

You will need the free Adobe PDF Reader to open PDF files. You can download it from Adobe’s website.


Don’t Vote, It Only Encourages Them! – why we oppose setting up a new ‘workers’ party’ or voting for the latest left-wing coalition.

Don’t Vote, Organise! – a TOC2010 leaflet explaining why voting is not worthwhile and how ordinary people can re-take control of their own lives through mass participation and direct action.

If Voting Could Change the System – the libertarian case for democracy. An article from Direct Action, magazine of the Solidarity Federation.

Parliament or Democracy? – a pamphlet from the Workers Solidarity Movement.

Phoney Reasons for Voting – arguments against voting from Election Fraud.

Should you vote Green? – article by Brighton Solidarity Federation.

The Politics of Life – excellent article from Last Hours.

Voting vs Direct Action – a pamphlet from CrimethInc on the benefits of direct action over participation in electoral politics.

WAG Election Special – good stuff from the Whitechapel Anarchist Group.

Why Bother Voting? – a leaflet from the Anarchist Federation. “When it comes to solving your problems, voting is about as effective as wishing on a star.”


Bill Hicks poster – “All governments are liars and murderers.”

Ethel MacDonald poster – “Government’s will never save the people, they exist to exploit and destroy the people…”

Jim Larkin poster – “The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us arise!”

Their Politics / Our Politics – a poster which illustrates the difference between the detatched, bureaucratic elitism of the politicians and the grassroots-level activism of The Other Campaign.

We Don’t Need… poster – against parties/politicians/bosses/bureaucrats, for solidarity/direct action/grassroots democracy/mutual aid.

Bumper stickers


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