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Election Day message


So, after one of the most utterly dire election campaigns ever, election day is finally upon us. We here at The Other Campaign HQ will shortly be off to spoil our ballot papers and hand out anti-election propaganda – no one can accuse us of being apathetic!

Some argue that people should vote for the least worst option on the ballot paper to prevent a Tory victory or stop the neo-fascist BNP gaining ground.

Whether or not you decide to vote for a political party or candidate is ultimately your choice. However the real struggle must take place outside the ballot box, on the streets and picket lines, in our local communities and workplaces.

In the short-term, we must fight the growing wave of attacks being unleashed on us by the boss class and ruling elite. In the longer-term, we must organise to build a better world based on the principles of equality, individual liberty, mutual aid, solidarity and working-class self-management.

After the polling stations close today we will continue to promote the anarchist and libertarian wing of the working-class movement as an alternative to the party political gameshow.

Reject the rule of politicians, bosses and bureaucrats!

Whoever wins the election, we all lose!

Don’t vote and complain, get organised and fight back!

Image from Last Hours.

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