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Nevermind the Ballots – Rude Corps



Now I don’t give a toss about the general election
Cos all my hopes and ideals lie in another direction
And I don’t see the point in putting an X in a box
Cos I know what it is, it’s the illusion of choice
But I’m not apathetic so don’t give us that shit
Cos I know how this works, the problem’s systematic
The range of choice is so narrow it might as well have been rigged
Cos whichever way you vote you’ll always get a Tory pig

Now there’s some things politicians never like to discuss
Like capitalism and the state and the damage it does
And not just to minorities but also to the masses
While the media frames debate to suit the ruling classes
Yeah there’s certain places politicians just won’t go
Cos they know their real role is to maintain the status quo
That’s why nothing will change despite the promises they make
They call this democracy, I call it fucking fake
Cos the reality in Britain is Have’s vs Haven’t’s
And this system wouldn’t last if there was really free ballots
Agendas are set by the existing elite
Your opinion doesn’t mean shit if you’re just a man on the street
Cos you’ve got to have money to make your voice heard
Even when a million marched they never heard a single word
Though the will of the people was against their aims
They still had a free-hand to play their war games

So now you know why I’m not going to vote
Cos the whole system’s fucked, it’s nothing but a sick joke
I’m sick of compromise and I’m sick of their lies
To give them your vote is to legitimise their crimes
Fuck the Labour party and fuck the Tory scum
Thieving, murdering bastards, yeah, every single one
We’ve got to tear it down from foundation to steeple
Cos the key to real democracy is Power to the people

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