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Don’t Vote, It Only Encourages Them!


We oppose the idea of forming a ‘new workers’ party’ or tagging along with the latest left-wing electoral coalition. The main aim  of a political party is to acquire power, and power is a corrupting force, as our political elite have demonstrated. In the words of the political theorist Anton Pannekoek…

a party is an organization that aims to lead and control the working class … The workers should not blindly accept the slogans of others, nor of our own groups but must think, act, and decide for themselves.

We believe that the working-class can and must assert itself politically without having to participate in elections and vote for the least worst option on the ballot paper.

At our disposal we have:

DIRECT ACTION – when people fight for their interests or against an injustice by taking matters into their own hands, rather than going through the ‘official’ political/bureaucratic channels. Examples include: wildcat strikes, boycotts, workplace occupations, mass pickets, autonomous protests.

SOLIDARITY – this is a not a just a word, it’s a weapon. By sticking together and actively supporting others, our chances of achieving victory in struggles are multiplied.
DIY DEMOCRACY – we don’t need political bosses or bureaucrats controlling us, calling the shots and using power on our behalf. Obviously there needs to be people who are delegated the responsibility of organising and administering things, but they should be constantly accountable to the rank-and-file and decision-making power must remain at the grassroots.


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